OO-Soft ePortal is a cloud-based engagement tool where employees and managers can review competencies, performance reviews and Learning & Development online and on demand.


ePortal is about enabling your employees with continual feedback through the journal system; enabling your managers in engaging with their staff; and ensuring on-going communications amongst employees, teams and management.


ePortal is responsive, which means that it can work with your desktop, tablet or mobile devices. You are nolonger tied to working behind your desk.

Online Assessment

Employees and Managers are given access to ePortal for online assessments and reviews for competencies or performance reviews.

Automated emails

ePortal supports automatic email reminders for important check-in dates, checkpoint dates, review dates etc

Features of ePortal

Ability to update personal details, eg addresses and phone numbers

Add journal entries to aid the employee’s performance reviews
Managers are able to view their staff’s record and evaluate their jobs according to the installed job evaluation model

View staff’s competencies and complete assessment online 

View staff’s performance appraisals and complete online reviews 

Managers can insert checkpoints for your staff performance reviews 

Provide feedback straight into staff or peers performance journal


Complete reviews online

Employees and Managers are able to complete their competencies and performance reviews online.
Note: You must be subscribed to eCompetencies to see the competencies statements.
Note: You must be subscribed to ePerformance to see the performance statements.


Create Journal Entries

Employees are able to create journal entries of their performance throughout the year which makes the final performance review a mere formality. No more trying to remember what transpired 12months ago. Peers are also able to provide feedback via the same journaling process.


Narrabri Shire Council commenced using ePortal in April 2017. We are able to prepare questions for units of competency prior to the assessment, then view them in ePortal and enter comments and results live at the time of assessment. This removes the need for data entry ‘after the fact’ saving time and records are always current. The two main outcomes of using ePortal are, soon after assessment, we can print Employee Training Action Plans and Organisational Training Plans. We plan to roll out the use of ePortal to Managers so that they can keep track of the completion of their employees Training Action Plans. - Jacqui Carolan, Executive Manager Human Resources