OO-Soft ePerformance forms part of the Talent Management Suite of products. The ePerformance module allows you to create and maintain Employee Performance Reviews in your organisation. You can now use ePerformance with the LGNSW Capability Framework.

Seamless Integration

ePerformance is seamlessly integrated into and shares data from eComp. All Positions, Employees and grading data is established in eComp once only and is shared across the ePerformance module.

Template Driven

The ePerformance module is fully customisable and you can create customised templates for different employee groups and link to your positions. Some aspects of the template can even be adjusted during a performance review.

Online Assessment

Employees and Managers are given access to ePortal for online assessments and reviews. Reminders are automatically generated via emails. Alternatively a paper-based form can be printed.

Journaling and Feedback

With the built-in journaling system, you can journal your progress over the year and also receive feedback of your performance from managers and staff.

Capability Framework

With one click of a switch you can transform the ePerformance module to work with the LGNSW Capability Framework. You will be able to enter the framework in the Statements Library as well as create Position Capabilities and even review Employees on those capabilities.


Create performance statements

You can create performance statements (values, behaviours, goals, KPIs) and link performance standards to your statements.


Customisable templates

Create customised templates for different employee groups and link to your positions. 
Linked employees can then create individual or group employee reviews with options to calculate performance ratings for self and/or manager's assessment. 


Customisable scales

Create customisable assessment scales for both online reviews or print versions.


Using ePortal

You can perform online reviews via ePortal or print a PDF Review report. Employees are also able to customise goals and KPIs together with their manager via ePortal™


Create PDF assessment report

Creating a customised PDF report is simple for those without online access to ePortal. Being template driven it means that you can go back to the template and change certain parameters in the templates to affect changes in the printed PDFs. The PDF review form is used by the employee and/or manager to manually assess the performance.

PDF Assessment Report

Dashboard Report

Our Dashboard Report gives you a birdseye view of your results with pie charts of both employee's and manager's progress with the reviews showing counts where reviews are "Not Started", "Started" and "Completed". There are also bar charts showing average performance ratings by organisation structures or job families.


Comparison Report

The Comparison report allows you to select review codes (year-on-year) to compare for individuals. Comparison reports exists for both employee's and manager's ratings.