OO-Soft eCompetencies is an optional module of eComp. eCompetencies allow you to create and maintain a competency profile for your positions and a means for planning, reviewing and auditing employee competencies.

Seamless Integration

eCompetencies is seamlessly integrated into and shares data from eComp. All Positions, Employees and grading data is established in eComp once only and is shared across the eCompetencies module.

Linked to TRAINING.GOV.AU Library

You can search and copy competencies directly from the linked National Register of VET competencies into your own library of competencies..

Employee Progression

eCompetencies can be used as a tool for employee progression and improvement. it helps to increase employee's effectiveness and communications between managers and employees.

Online Accreditation

Employees, managers or accreditators can use ePortal to assess the incumbents' competencies online or via a printed PDF form.

External Library

The external library of competencies contain the full set of National Register of VET Competencies from This library is updated regularly throughout the year and is freely available for you to copy to your own library for your use in creating the competency profiles.


Position competencies linked to your salary system

The position competency area allows you to construct competency blocks for all the positions in your organisation by selecting the appropriate competency units from the External Library of competencies from the National Register. If the positions are linked to an existing salary structure, the competency blocks can be created to reflect each progression step in your salary structure.


Employee Audit Report

You have the ability to generate an Employee Competency Assessment Report in PDF format. Alternatively this can be completed online via ePortal.